Update on nonsurgical therapy for diabetic macular edema

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Purpose of reviewTreatment for diabetic macular edema (DME) is continuously evolving. While focal laser photocoagulation remains the standard of care, a new wave of studies is emerging that shows benefit of adjunctive therapy for DME.Recent findingsWith the advent of intravitreal corticosteroid and antivascular endothelial growth factor medications, new interest in the treatment of DME has been piqued, and a number of clinical trials have been designed to evaluate these therapies.SummaryThe goal of this article is to briefly summarize recent data from these trials, in order to aid the clinician in evaluating the most appropriate and up-to-date nonsurgical management options in treating diabetic macular edema. The key points are to summarize the most recent peer-reviewed literature regarding therapy for diabetic macular edema. Particular attention is paid to focal laser, corticosteroid, and anti-VEGF therapies.

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