Visual Field of High-Pass Resolution Perimetry in Normal Subjects

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PurposeTo investigate the properties of the visual field of high-pass resolution perimetry in normal subjects.MethodsFour centers collected normative data for high-pass resolution perimetry. In two of the centers the subjects were stratified by age. One eye was tested per subject using high-pass resolution perimetry (Ophthimus®). We tested 640 normal subjects and describe their visual field results by test location. We also analyzed the data by concentric zone, age, and by testing center.ResultsThe individual test location averages confirmed a reduction in resolution with eccentricity. Resolution thresholds increased with age by 0.025 dB per year (P < 0.001). The mean ring size increased by about 1 dB from age 20 to 70. Among centers there were significant differences in the means and the change in threshold with age (P = 0.009).ConclusionThe normal visual field of high-pass resolution perimetry is characterized by an increase in threshold with eccentricity. We found significant differences among the centers that were likely due to multiple factors including differences in subject selection criteria. Whether such differences occur with other perimetric techniques is unknown.

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