Digital Ocular Massage for Hypertensive Phase After Ahmed Valve Surgery

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PurposeTo examine the role of ocular massage during the hypertensive phase after Ahmed valve surgeryMethodsNonrandomized prospective study.ResultsEighteeen patients with intraocular pressure (IOP) above target 1 to 8 weeks after Ahmed glaucoma drainage device surgery underwent digital ocular massage. The mean IOP 1 hour after massage was 4.3 mm Hg lower than before massage (18.8%, P=0.0008). We used a 20% reduction in IOP at 1-hour postmassage to differentiate responders from nonresponders and by this definition 50% responded to ocular massage. One patient (5.6%) responded well but was unable to perform massage at home. The remaining 8 patients (44.4%) performed regular digital massage and the 20% drop in IOP was maintained at the 2-week, 6-week, and 6-month review, although by 6 months 50% required glaucoma drops to achieve target IOP. There were no massage-associated complications in this series.ConclusionsDigital ocular massage has a useful role to play in the management of the hypertensive phase after Ahmed glaucoma drainage device surgery. In this series 50% of patients achieved a 20% drop in IOP with massage.

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