Expression and a role of CD30 in regulation of T-cell activity

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CD30 receptor has been known for almost 20 years, but its expression and activity are still the subject of many investigations. Its expression was found in different malignancies, and most of the studies regarding CD30 focus on its role in lymphomas. The progress that has already been made in this field is reflected in implementation of CD30 as a target for immunotoxin, which has been tested in phase I study in treating Hodgkin lymphoma. CD30 is present also on normal, activated T cells of all cytokine profiles. However, increased density of CD30 and CD30-mediated Th2 cytokine production provide evidence of its role in determining the activity of T cells toward synthesis of cytokines and involvement in reactions of Th2 characteristics. Pleiotropic signaling mediated by CD30 does not implicate this receptor just as a cytokine costimulator; it proves to be important in several different activities of T cells.

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