The platelet proteome

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Purpose of review

The proteome is the pool of proteins expressed at a given time and circumstance. The word ‘proteomics’ summarizes several technologies for visualization, quantitation and identification of these proteins. Recent advances in these techniques are helping to elucidate platelet processes which are relevant to bleeding and clotting disorders, transfusion medicine and regulation of angiogenesis.

Recent findings

Over 1100 platelet proteins have been identified using proteomic techniques. Various subproteomes have been characterized, including platelet releasates (the ‘secretome’), alpha and dense granules, membrane and cytoskeletal proteins, platelet-derived microparticles, and the platelet ‘phosphoproteome’. Proteomic data about platelets have become increasingly available in integrated databases.


Proteomic experiments in resting and activated platelets have identified novel signaling pathways and secreted proteins which may represent therapeutic targets, as well as potential cancer biomarkers.

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