Toxicity Management: Development of a novel and immune-mediated adverse events algorithm

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Novel immunotherapy and biologic agents are being developed with the potential to improve outcomes and reduce long-term toxicities among individuals with hematologic malignancies. These emerging drugs affect neoplastic cells and the surrounding microenvironment, causing unique immune-mediated toxicities.


The aim was to develop an algorithm for clinical staff to manage unique toxicities associated with next-generation immunotherapies indicated in the hematologic population, using a system-focused approach.


Data were collected using specific toxicities based on the four major novel biologic classes. Immune-mediated adverse events were reported across studies. Based on published literature, institutional experience, and group consensus, a novel algorithm for managing immune-mediated toxicities was created.


The development of this treatment algorithm provides a more streamlined approach for managing common but unique toxicities and improves safety, compliance, patient outcome, and quality of life with novel immuno-oncologic agents.

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