Physical activity and asthma

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The relationship between asthma and exercise and the resultant disability (ie, the impact on activities of daily living, including physical activity) shows wide interpatient and intrapatient variability, being influenced not only by the disease but additional psychosocial variables. There are a variety of helpful pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic measures in dealing with simple exercise-induced asthma, and new therapeutic options are being developed. The cardiorespiratory performance characteristics of asthmatic patients are very frequently suboptimal, either because of symptom-limited exercise tolerance or secondary deconditioning consequent upon inactivity. Medically supervised physical training can produce significant beneficial change. Recommendations for rehabilitation of asthmatic patients would include individualized exercise prescription and advice based on objective criteria of exercise capability, with flexibility in the programs offered, in order to cater to the broadest spectrum of patient disability.

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