Laser assisted ultrasound guided aspiration improves procedure time and reduces number of withdrawals

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This study evaluated the performance of in-vitro freehand aspiration of a simulated cyst with ultrasound aspiration guided by a newly designed laser assisted (LA) device. The LA device was equipped with an adjustable light source generating a sector light plane. This laser light plane was parallel to and overlapped the ultrasound acoustical plane, to help with needle positioning. Five operators randomly performed 30 freehand or LA ultrasound guided aspirations of a simulated cyst. The frequency was set at 8 MHz and depth at 4 cm. Procedure time and number of syringe withdrawals were statistically compared before and after using the LA device. Both experienced and inexperienced operators required significantly less time to perform the aspiration and had fewer syringe withdrawals when using the LA device. The LA device provides a reference plane in space, allowing the operator to more accurately position and adjust needle direction. Additional in-vivo testing is required to test the clinical practicability.

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