The Effects of Maximum Strength Training on Throwing Velocity and Muscle Strength in Female Team-Handball Players

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The effect of maximum strength bench-press training combines with normal team skill training in handball was investigated. Subjects, female team-handball players from the Norwegian second division, were randomly divided into a training group (TG) that participated in normal handball training plus maximal heavy progressive resistance training with free weights, and a control group (CG) that underwent handball training only. Dependent variables were standing-throw velocity, throwing velocity with a 3-step run-in-set shot, and one repetition maximum (1-RM) in the bench press. TG improved significantly in all variables (bench press; 41.6 to 55.1 kg; standing throw, 19.8 to 23.3 m · sec−1) Whereas CG had significant improvements in the throwing variables only (standing throw, 18.5 to 21.1 m · sec−1, running throw, 22.6 to 24.6 m · sec−1). TG had significantly larger improvement than CG in the bench press and throwing velocity with a 3-step run-in.

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