Effects of Vibration Training on Muscle Power: A Meta-Analysis

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Marín, PJ and Rhea, MR. Effects of vibration training on muscle power: a meta-analysis. J Strength Cond Res 24(3): 871-878, 2010-The purpose of this meta-analysis was to attempt to gain a clear picture of the magnitude of adaptations in muscular power expected after acute and chronic training, as well as identify specific factors that influence the treatment effects. Studies using a power training intervention and containing data necessary to calculate effect size (ES) were included in the analysis a total of 30 studies. Effect size demonstrated that the type of vibration platform used is a moderator of the treatment effect of vibration on power development is the type of vibration platform employed. Differences were noted in both acute and chronic changes in power when vertical vibration platforms were compared with oscillating platforms. Vertical platforms elicit a significantly larger treatment effect for chronic adaptations (ES = 0.99) as compared with oscillating platforms (ES = 0.36). The data also show that age is a moderator of the response to vibration exercise for power. On the basis of the overall analysis, it is apparent that vibration exercise can be effective at eliciting chronic power adaptations. Exercise professionals can include vibration exercise as a means of fostering power improvements.

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