Lack of Associations Between HLA Class II Alleles and Resistance to HIV-1 Infection Among White, Non-Hispanic Homosexual Men

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SummaryHLA class II alleles were molecularly typed for 100 high-risk seronegative men and 184 low-risk seroconverters from the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS). Seven resistant individuals homozygous for CCR5 Δ32 deletions were excluded from analysis. In the univariate analysis, no significant HLA class II associations with resistance/susceptibility to HIV type 1 infection were identified. However, the transporter associated with antigen presentation 2 (TAP2) Ala 665 variant associated with resistance in earlier analyses in the MACS was in linkage disequilibrium with some HLA class II alleles. After adjusting for the established associations with HLA-A*0205 subgroup and TAP2 Ala 665 variant, no HLA class II alleles were independently associated with resistance/susceptibility to HIV-1 infection. Other genetic factors in the HLA class II-TAP region of the major histocompatibility complex might be involved.

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