Internal Carotid False Aneurysm After Thermocoagulation of the Gasserian Ganglion

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Objective:To identify petrous internal carotid bleeding aneurysm as a complication of gasserian ganglion thermocoagulation.Patients:A single case presenting with epistaxis and otorrhagia 1 month after gasserian ganglion thermocoagulation in the treatment of refractory trigeminal neuralgia.Intervention(s):Gasserian ganglion thermocoagulation, computed tomographic scan, and angiocomputed tomographic scan revealing petrous internal carotid ruptured aneurysm and internal carotid embolization.Main Outcome Measure(s):Radiologic diagnosis of the vascular injury after gasserian ganglion thermocoagulation.Results:Radiologic identification of ruptured internal carotid artery as the cause of simultaneous epistaxis and otorrhagia.Conclusion:Gasserian ganglion thermocoagulation may cause aneurysm and rupture of the petrous portion of the internal carotid artery.

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