Prevention of Synkinesis by Biofeedback Therapy: A Randomized Clinical Trial

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ObjectiveThe aim of present study was to find a better procedure to prevent synkinesis in facial nerve palsy.DesignA randomized clinical trial.SettingClinical rehabilitation faculty and general rehabilitation centers.SubjectsTwenty- nine patients with facial nerve palsy were selected via electrodiagnosis tests.InterventionThe experimental group (n = 16) was treated with biofeedback electromyography, whereas the control group (n = 13) received common physiotherapy. All patients received 1-year treatment.Main Outcome MeasuresEvaluation of facial grading scale before and after treatment and severity of synkinesia.ResultsAt the end of treatment, there was a rise in facial grading system in both groups compared with baseline (p < 0.05, paired t test). There were significant differences in the facial grading system between 2 groups at the end of the study, but the experimental group showed better result than the other one. The number of patients with synkinesis and the severity of their synkinesis in the experimental group were lesser than those of the control group.ConclusionBiofeedback therapy is more efficient than common physiotherapy. By using this approach, controlling and reducing synkinesis is more feasible.

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