Cannula Site Insertion Technique Prevents Incisional Hernia in Laparoscopic Fundoplication

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Incisional hernia is a common surgical problem encountered after laparotomies. The so-called trocar-site or port-site hernia is a type of incisional one that occurs after laparoscopic procedures. It has an incidence range between 0.1% and 3%.


To evaluate our patients who underwent laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication for presence of trocar-site hernia.

Patients and Methods

This study included 405 patients who underwent laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication in Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery, Turkey. The patients were evaluated by physical examination and anterior abdominal wall ultrasound (US).


Trocar-site hernia was not detected in any of our cases either by physical examination or by US.


Trocar-site hernia is a rare complication of laparoscopy. It occurs at the trocar insertion site with a diameter of 10 mm or more in adult patients. Trocar insertion away from the midline can decline the incidence.

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