Dopamine infusion: A possible cause of undiagnosed congenital hypothyroidism in preterm infants

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Objective:To describe the possibility that dopamine infusion can prevent early diagnosis of congenital hypothyroidism.Design:Case report.Setting:Medical neonatal intensive care unit of a tertiary academic medical center.Patients:We report four preterm newborns affected by transient primary congenital hypothyroidism who showed low serum thyroxine and normal thyroid-stimulating hormone concentrations on primary screening performed during treatment with dopamine.Interventions:Thyroid reevaluation screening after dopamine discontinuation.Measurements and Main Results:Thyroid reevaluation showed elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone levels.Conclusion:We emphasize that dopamine capacity to suppress thyroid-stimulating hormone could prevent early diagnosis of congenital hypothyroidism. We suggest all newborns to be tested simultaneously for thyroid-stimulating hormone and thyroxine values at primary screening. A reevaluation of thyroid hormones after dopamine discontinuation is advisable in patients treated with dopamine.

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