A Meta-analysis of Success Rates for Digit Replantation

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The decision to replant a severed part is based on the numerous factors that influence survival of the part and the functional and aesthetic benefits gained from replanting. Not all amputees will benefit from or are candidates for replantation. The decision to proceed is therefore made by the surgeon who must consider the mechanism and extent of injury, the age of the patient, the presence of other medical or surgical conditions, the likely functional outcomes, and the patient's motivation to undergo a difficult procedure, which is followed by a lengthy recovery. This is a meta-analysis of the available studies that tracks the outcomes, based on 9 criteria, after the amputation of a total of 1803 digits in 1299 patients. By combining the data from numerous sources, a statistically significant picture emerges which may be used to educate patients and help guide the surgeon in the decision to replant.

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