Sports-Specific Issues in Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse

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Boys’/men’s and girls’/women’s lacrosse are the fastest-growing sports at the high school and college levels and are team sports with unique medical issues and injuries. The rules of the game are very different for the women’s game compared with those for the men’s game. Youth rules include modifications that take into account physical and cognitive maturational differences. Given the unique rules of the game between genders, the equipment requirements also are different. The most common injuries in lacrosse for both genders across all ages are lower extremity injuries and, primarily, ankle and knee sprains, followed by head injuries. Concussion has received a lot of recent attention, and education, comprehensive management, and prevention efforts remain the most critical issues. A unique medical concern in lacrosse is commotio cordis, which requires immediate identification and management and underscores the importance of sideline preparedness. This article will review the sport-specific medical and musculoskeletal issues in lacrosse.

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