Convex Growth Arrest for Progressive Congenital Scoliosis Due to Hemivertebrae

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Summary:Thirteen patients with progressive congenital scoliosis due to hemivertebrae or hemivertebrae associated with other spinal anomalies were treated by convex anterior and posterior hemiarthrodesis and hemiepiphysiodesis. The average curve prior to operation was 46°, average age was 3 years 6 months, and average followup was 6 years 6 months. One patient failed because of an inadequate length of anterior surgery which was success fully salvaged by further surgery. Twelve patients were successes: Seven had only cessation of the progressive curve, and five had progressive curve improvement ≤ 5° due to the arrested convex and persistent concave growth. This procedure is a valuable treatment modality for selected patients with congenital scoliosis.

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