Traumatic Hip Dislocation in Childhood

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Traumatic dislocation of the hip in childhood is uncommon and can be a consequence of minor trauma. The authors report a series of 35 dislocations in skeletally immature patients. Most were isolated posterior dislocations without acetabular lesions. In 75% of cases, reduction of the dislocation was easy. Nine children required surgery to remove interposed joint capsule and/or osteochondral fragments to achieve anatomic reduction. Outcomes were generally good, except in one patient in whom a displaced fracture of the femoral physis was followed by total head avascular necrosis. One case of partial necrosis had a satisfactory outcome. Epiphyseal necrosis, though uncommon, appeared to be inconsistent to prevent and hard to predict. Bone scan seems to be more effective than MRI for the detection of necrosis.

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