Multimodality imaging and transcatheter coil embolization of an iatrogenic subclavian artery–internal jugular vein fistula

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A 69-year-old man was found to have a loud continuous bruit in the neck. Duplex carotid ultrasound showed high-velocity turbulent flow in the dilated and pulsatile right internal jugular vein. Computed tomography angiogram demonstrated markedly enlarged right internal jugular vein with a posteriorly located arteriovenous communication. Invasive angiography revealed an arteriovenous fistula originating from the right subclavian artery draining into the dilated and tortuous right internal jugular vein. An endovascular coil was successfully deployed in the fistula tract. Subclavian artery–internal jugular vein fistula is rare. Our case is most likely iatrogenic towing to previous central venous cannulation during coronary bypass grafting. The anatomic challenge of this fistula, being located in the thoracic outlet, makes endovascular repair particularly favourable.

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