Current directions in research and treatment of fear of cancer recurrence

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Purpose of reviewAn expert meeting in Ottawa in 2015 galvanized efforts to answer key questions relevant to the understanding and management of fear of cancer recurrence (FCR). The aim of this review is to summarize key developments.Recent findingsA consensus on the definition of FCR has helped to further research in this area. There have been a number of theories put forward to account for the development of FCR, all of which share key components. Importantly, a number of important trials have been published that confirm both brief and more intensive interventions can successfully treat FCR.SummaryThe consensus definition of FCR is an important development, as is the development of treatments for FCR. There are now evidence-based options for the management of patients with clinical levels of FCR. Future research priorities include determining the optimal cut-off points for identifying clinically significant FCR, testing the major tenets of the recent theoretical formulations of FCR; and determining the relative efficacy and cost-effectiveness of different treatment approaches for managing FCR.

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