A Danish Adaptation of the Quality in Psychiatric Care–Forensic In-Patient Questionnaire: Psychometric Properties and Factor Structure

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Objective:The aims of this study were to adapt and evaluate the psychometric properties and factor structure of the Danish version of the Quality in Psychiatric Care-Forensic In-Patient (QPC-FIP) questionnaire.Methods:A sample of 139 inpatients from 25 wards in Denmark who received care during 5 weeks in March and April 2012 participated in the study by completing the QPC-FIP instrument.Results:Confirmatory factor analysis revealed that the factor structure of the Danish version was equivalent to that of the original Swedish QPC-FIP. The results indicate that the concept of quality of care expressed in the QPC-FIP is equivalent among forensic inpatients in nationally different healthcare systems and cultural contexts.Conclusion:The Danish version of QPC-FIP is a reliable and valid measurement instrument recommended for use in evaluating quality of care in forensic inpatient care.

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