Corrected and Improved Model for Educational Simulation of Neonatal Cardiovascular Pathophysiology

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We identified errors in the software implementation of the mathematical model presented in: Sá Couto CD, van Meurs WL, Goodwin JA, Andriessen P. A model for educational simulation of neonatal cardiovascular pathophysiology. Simul Healthcare 2006;1:4–12. Simulation results obtained with corrected code are presented for future reference. All but one of the simulation results do not differ by more than 9% from the previously published results. The heart rate response to acute loss of 30% of blood volume, simulated with corrected code is stronger than published target data. This modeling error was masked by errors in code implementation. We improved this response and the model by adjusting the gains and adding thresholds and saturations in the baroreflex model. General considerations on identification of model and code errors and model validity are presented.

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