Fluorescent nanothermometers provide controlled plasmonic-mediated intracellular hyperthermia

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This article demonstrates how controlled hyperthermia at the cellular level can be achieved.

Materials & methods:

The method is based on the simultaneous intracellular incorporation of fluorescence nanothermometers (CdSe quantum dots) and metallic nanoheaters (gold nanorods).


Real-time spectral analysis of the quantum dot emission provides a detailed feedback about the intracellular thermal loading caused by gold nanorods excited at the plasmon frequency. Based on this approach, thermal dosimetry is assessed in such a way that the infrared laser (heating) power required to achieve catastrophic intracellular temperature increments in cancer cells is identified.


This pure optical method emerges as a new and promising guide for the development of infrared hyperthermia therapies with minimal invasiveness.

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