Nonsurgical treatment of Brodie bite assisted by 3-dimensional planning and assessment

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This case report describes the nonsurgical treatment of an adolescent patient with a severe transverse discrepancy presented as a Brodie bite and retrognathic mandible. Distraction osteogenesis has been often used for similar cases in the literature. However, in this patient, a fixed appliance with 1 maxillary extraction combined with a functional appliance was used to resolve the transverse discrepancy with natural growth. After the orthodontic treatment, the impinging teeth and Brodie bite were corrected with a favorable occlusion and profile. Retention at the 3-year follow-up showed improved occlusal interdigitation and good stability.HighlightsA skeletal Class II adolescent with a severe transverse discrepancy (Brodie bite) was treated in 2 stages.The treatment plan was based on an accurate 3D diagnosis.This was an effective use of growth potential for solving the skeletal problems nonsurgically.

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