Potassium-Competitive Acid Blockers (P-CABs): Are They Finally Ready for Prime Time in Acid-Related Disease?

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The need for new acid suppressing agents with improved pharmacology and superior antisecretory effects to address unmet clinical needs in acid-related disorders has been evident for over a decade. Recent new antisecretory drugs (IR-omeprazole and MR-dexlansoprazole) only provide a small incremental advance in control of acid secretion over the delayed-release proton pump inhibitors. Vonoprazan (a new potassium-competitive acid blocker) displays more potent and extended 24 h acid suppression and preliminary Japanese trials translate this into meaningful clinical benefits in gastro-esophageal reflux disease andHelicobacter pylorieradication. We review the vonoprazan information to date and the indications, benefits, and concerns of more effective therapeutic control of acid secretion.

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