Plastic Surgery and the Breast: A Citation Analysis of the Literature

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A large proportion of the plastic surgery literature is dedicated to the breast. It is one of the most common topics in our specialty, yet it is unclear which articles have been the most influential. The purpose of this study was to identify the top 100 most-cited articles on breast in the plastic surgery literature and examine the characteristics of each individual article.


Using an electronic database through the Web of Science, we were able to determine the 6 journals that contributed to the 100 most-cited articles on breast in the plastic surgery literature.


Each article was examined individually looking at characteristics such as subject matter, article type, country of origin, institution, authorship, and year of publication. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery contributed the most articles to the top 100 with 81 articles including the most-cited article which has been referenced 673 times to date. The United States produced 73% of the top 100 articles, and the most prolific institution was the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center with 15 articles.


This study has identified the most influential articles on breast in the plastic surgery literature over the past 68 years and highlighted many important scientific breakthroughs and landmarks that have occurred during this time.

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