The Diagon/Gel Implant: A Preliminary Report of 894 Cases

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The breast has always been perceived as the emblem of femininity. Desire of having an ideal breast form has been of interest for a long time.


This preliminary article is a retrospective analysis of 894 cases of breast augmentation with Diagon/Gel breast implants covered with a micropolyurethane foam (Microthane). The surgical technique employed is a modified dual plane, which enables us to use a new anatomical implant to move the glandular parenchyma into a higher position.


The study extended from January 2010 to September 2015, during which no breast implant developed Baker grade III or IV capsular contracture (CC) and only a few adverse events occurred. Patients reported to be highly satisfied with the final outcome, which was very natural both in the form and movement.


The new concept of Diagon/Gel represents the next step in the evolutionary progress of breast implants and allows the surgeon to perform not only a breast augmentation but also parenchymal elevation, which otherwise would have required a mastopexy, and we have called it breast enhancement.

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