Skin infections in high school wrestlers: A nurse practitioner's guide to diagnosis, treatment, and return to participation

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Purpose:To provide nurse practitioners (NPs) with a current guide for the diagnosis and treatment of high school wrestlers who present with common skin infections and to familiarize NPs with the National Federation of High School Associations Sports Medicine Advisory Committee return to participation guide and medical release form.Data sources:Literature review of evidence-based research, journal articles, and reference texts related to skin lesions and high school wrestlers.Conclusions:High school wrestlers with skin infections present in a variety of clinical settings. Improperly diagnosed and/or managed skin infections have the potential to get worse and continue to spread among teammates. Accurate diagnosis and treatment in combination with the use of a return to participation guide can improve outcomes and return the wrestler to participation sooner.Implications for practice:NPs have a responsibility to accurately diagnose and treat skin lesions in a timely, safe, and efficient manner. In wrestling, athletes are exposed to unique opportunities to develop skin infections. With a working knowledge of the clinical presentation, diagnostic testing, and return to participation recommendations for common skin diseases, spread of skin infections to other wrestlers can be prevented and the athlete can return to play safely.

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