Ask about ice, then consider iron

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Background and purpose:

The study aims to review a condition defined by the desire to consume ice in order to satisfy an addictive-like compulsion, rather than for purposes of hydration or pain relief. This condition is called ice pica, or pagophagia. Associations between ice pica and iron deficiency, suggestions for clinical screening of at risk populations, and recommendations for treatment and follow-up care are provided.

Data Sources:

An extensive literature review of original research articles, reviews, clinical practice manuscripts, and scientific publications on pica and pagophagia.


A compulsion or craving for the consumption of ice is often overlooked in clinical practice. It is therefore important for clinicians to include ice pica as part of the review of systems for certain patient populations. Ice pica is frequently associated with iron deficiency, and iron supplementation is an effective therapy in most cases.

Implications for practice:

Knowledge gained from screening for ice pica can generate valuable patient information and lead to the diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency. The populations at risk include young women and blood donors of either sex.

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