Related signaling pathways regulating hair follicle stem cells in wound healing

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Hair follicle stem cells in dermis have multiple differentiation potential, and can differentiate into hair shaft, internal myelin sheath, external myelin sheath, skin epithelial keratinocytes and sebaceous glands. Hair follicle stem cells can maintain the cycle of hair follicle, but also plays an important role in epidermis wound healing. Studies on hair follicle cells participate in epidermal healing following wound are early, but studies on hair follicle stem cells appear recently. The signal pathways related may be Wnt, BMP, FGF, Notch, SHH and so on. In order to understanding the role of micro-wound healing in plastics and cosmetic medicine and skin issue-engineering, how hair follicle stem cells participate in epidermal healing and signaling pathways related were reviewed in this study.

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