mTOR/p70s6k signaling pathway and muscle protein synthesis induced by exercise

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The Muscle contraction can activate some growth factor, which is the powerful stimulant for muscle protein synthesis. The mTOR signaling pathway controls the synthesis of proteins through its regulation of increasing specific mRNA the translation. mTOR, which activated by its upstream signal PI3K and Akt, stimulates sub-p70s6k under mechanics overloads. Exercise induced PI3K/Akt/mTOR/p70s6k signal transduction circuit can effective stimulus the activation of signal factors of muscle protein synthesis metabolism. Studies regarding phosphatidic acid, integrin had made certain progress, but there still has some questions need to be solved, specially the relationship between phosphatidic acid, integrin and mTOR signal transduction circuit. Different exercise model has different influence on mTOR/p70s6k signaling pathway. Therefore, in order to further understand the mTOR/p70s6k signaling pathway, it is necessary to realizing the effect of different mode, intensity and duration of exercise on it.

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