Effects of casein phosphopeptide-stabilized amorphous calcium phosphate solution on enamel remineralization**⋆

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The durability and efficacy of casein phosphopeptide-stabilized amorphous calcium phosphate solution (CPP-ACP) on remineralization of enamel lesions are greater than calcium phosphate-based solution. However, the majority of studies focus on demineralization at enamel surface.


To investigate the efficacy of CPP-ACP on remineralization of different surface of enamel etched.


A randomized control experiment was performed in Stomatology Hospital, Lanzhou University from May to July 2008.


A total of 20 first premolar in maxillary extracted for orthodontic reasons were collected in Stomatology Hospital, Lanzhou University.


The samples were randomly divided into two groups with 10 teeth in each group. Buccal and palatal surface of teeth were separately etched by 35% or 20% phosphoric acid gel in 20% for 60 seconds. Teeth were cut vertically along mesto-distal surface, the half etched of teeth were placed in the CPP-ACP solution to be remineralized for 10 days, and the other half were placed in deionized water as controls. Morphology of teeth was compared.


Morphological changes of teeth etched and re-mineralized in the CPP-ACP solution were observed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).


SEM observation indicated that enamel surface became different fish scaled structures when they were etched by 35% and 20% phosphoric acid gel. On the surface of the enamel treated with phosphoric acid gel, a large amount of minerals deposited after remineralization in the CPP-ACP solution. The minerals were exiguous and the aggradation was uneven. There was not significant difference between the two structures.


CPP-ACP can promote remineralization on the surface of teeth enamel, and the extent of mineralization has no relation to the morphology of teeth enamel.

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