Reconstruction of cruciate ligament using an innovative artificial ligament material

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To investigate the effect of innovative artificial ligament material on reconstruction of cruciate ligament.


A total of 18 studies about clinical reconstruction of cruciate ligament by using artificial ligament material were retrieved with the keywords of artificial ligament, scaffold material, cruciate ligament, and reconstruction in CNKI from 1990 to 2008. Subjects were generally analyzed in clinic, while clinical application of artificial ligament material was summarized based on follow up and functional evaluation.


A total of 18 studies about clinical application of artificial ligament material for reconstruction of cruciate ligament indicated that there were no significant differences in age, sex, and injured types. Lysholm and IKDC scoring standard indicated that LARS artificial ligament was satisfactory for reconstruction of cruciate ligament.


Arthroscope indicates that LARS artificial ligament is characterized by stably recovering function of knee joint, less trauma, less complication, and well short-term therapeutic effect; however, the long-term effect of LARS on reconstruction of cruciate ligament still needs to be further studied.

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