Effect of Fluor protector on preventing enamel demineralization

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The preventative capabilities of enamel demineralization, rising from the fixed orthodontic treatment, have drawn tremendous attention in recent years. Despite a variety of investigations carried out by both domestic and foreign scholars, whereas, the results of ways to reduce the incidence of demineralization are never fully satisfactory or unified.


To evaluate the inhibitory effect of Fluor protector on enamel demineralization based on clinical practices during fixed orthodontic treatment.


Contrast observation was performed in the Department of Stomatology, Qingdao Second Sanatorium, Jinan Military Area Command of Chinese PLA from January 2006 to January 2009.


A total of 132 participants (856 teeth, aged 7-18 years, average age 10.5 years, 76 females and 56 males), who had well-developed hardened dental tissues, no tetracycline pigmentation teeth, no dental fluorosis, or anything that constricted in their teeth, were involved in the study. And all subjects were volunteers who had signed the informed consent form and agreed to receive dental treatment and periodic review.


All the teeth were randomly divided into two groups: experimental and control groups. Teeth for the experimental group were bonded with the supporting brackets with the Fluor protectors, whereas teeth for the control group did basically the same only without the Fluor protectors. After the fixed orthodontic treatment, the supporting devices were removed, all the teeth were fully washed, and then the conditions of the tooth surfaces were observed and documented in both experimental and control groups.


The detection rate of orthodontic enamel demineralization in the two groups after the fixed orthodontic treatment.


After evaluation of the results of both groups, the incidence rate of enamel demineralization in the experimental group (5.51%) was obviously lower than control group (15.1%).


Fluor protector has a significantly positive effect on preventing enamel demineralization during fixed orthodontic treatment.

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