Construction of a visible three-dimensional model of maxilla and dentition*,*,*

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The computerized three-dimensional (3D) model was constructed based on a series of sliced image of human body from American Visible Human Project (VHP). The image segmentations were completed with Adobe Photoshop. The constructions and corrections of 3D model adopted Amira software created by Mercury Company. We had constructed the subtle 3D model which could show some anatomic minutiae precisely, such as infraorbital foramen, infraorbital groove and neurocoele. Meanwhile, each tooth was independently remodeled according to its physiological shapes, and could be matched completely with the maxilla and dentition. The reconstructed 3D model has some notable merits such as fidelity, clear three-dimension and high quality to show the fine structure of maxilla and dentition, which can apply to the field of teaching, scientific research and surgery simulations.

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