Optimization of a five-degree-freedom haptic device for virtual surgery***⋆

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Virtual surgery is one of the most important applications of virtual reality technology in the medicine field. With the virtual surgery device, the doctors can enter in the virtual environment, operate on the virtual organs, so as to plan new surgeries and do surgery training and remote operation. The haptic feedback device is an important component of virtual surgery system (VSS), but is also one factor that limits the further development of VSS. With the force feedback technology, virtual surgery instrument makes the training more real and effective. The research and application of VSS can reduce cost and time of training a qualified surgeon. The paper introduced a five-degree-freedom haptic device for virtual surgery, which can track the movement of the user and provide five-degree-of-freedom force feedback. With the haptic device as a studying object, we analyzed the imperfect aspect of the device, in particular the effect of reduction ration on the response speed of the haptic device, so as to optimize the device.

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