Safety of drug-eluting stent versus bare stent in clinical application

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To evaluate safety of drug-eluting stent versus bare stent in clinical application and observe application of drug-eluting stent and bare stent in treating coronary atherosclerotic heart disease.


A computer-based online search of CNKI (2004/2008) was performed to retrieve randomized controlled experiments of clinical and basic studies concerning drug-eluting stent and bare stent with the key words of “drug-eluting stent, bare stent”. The data were extracted and analyzed.


A total of 19 experiments involving 2 731 patients undergoing endovascular stenting were included. The vascular stenosis rate was significantly reduced after drug-eluting stent implantation compared with bare stent implantation. Follow-up results show that drug-eluting stent significantly reduced restenosis and affected vascular reconstruction compared with bare stent. However, the long-term effect on hemodynamics in vivo requires further investigation.


Compared bare stent, drug-eluting stent is more effective in complex pathological changes of small vessels, and could significantly reduce restenosis and affected vascular reconstruction. However, the included studies are not sufficient, and the efficacy indexes and safety requires further exploration.

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