Treatment of Hoffa fracture using titanium cancellous screw in 16 cases

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Sixteen cases with Hoffa fractures were chosen anterorredial approaches and received compressive cancellous screw treatment from January 2001 to June 2005. In the operation, 3 or 4 titanium cancellous screws were used to fix fracture surface according to the size of bone block and fracture line. Nail tail should lie at proximal end of articular surface at the front side of femoral condyle, and the nail should be sink to cartilage if pass the articular surface. Screw thread should pass through the fracture line to condyle. Especially, the tip of screw should be avoided posterior condylar surfaces. All the 16 cases were followed-up for 6 months to 3 years. All fractures were healed. The average time of union was 3.7 months. No avascular necrosis. According to the functional assessment of the knee of Hohl, the excellent results were 13 cases, and good were 3 cases. The result demonstrated that avascular necrosis and posttraumatic arthritis can be avoided or reduced completely due to in time diagnosed, proper surgical approaches and accurate surgical techniques, and good function of knee joint can be obtained when Hoffa fractures happened.

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