Symboleffect of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells combined with various scaffold materials: A systematic review

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Now, bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) combined with different biological scaffold materials to composite repair bone defect, but the effectiveness is lack of a systematic review.


To explore the effect of BMSCs combined with different biological bone scaffold materials on repairing bone defect.


A computer based online search in CNKI, CBM, VIP and Wanfang to collect the published articles for the randomized controlled trails which using BMSCs as a seed stem cells composite with various scaffold materials from January 1990 to April 2011. Hand searching was also done to obtain any further information about the studies. The quality of the included studies was critically evaluated and data were analyzed.


The results showed that the BMSCs could effective compound with various biological materials, including gelatin sponge, poly lactic acid-glycolic acid copolymer porous materials, hydroxyapatite, calcium phosphate, coral, alginate and chitosan poly lactic acid, calcium sulfate, algal acid calcium, L-polylactide and platelet-rich plasma, and could differentiate to osteoblast. It is indicated that BMSCs can promote the ability of various support materials to repair new bone osteogenesis of bone defect.

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