SymbolMature epidermal cells dedifferentiate towards epidermal stem cells

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Epidermal stem cells as seed cells have been paid great attention on the research of wound repair and regeneration with its specific biological advantages with the development of molecular biology and bioengineering.


To review the recent advances in the mature epidermal cells dedifferentiating towards epidermal stem cells.


The first author retrieved PubMed database, Highwire database ( and CNKI for articles published from January 1998 to January 2011. The key words were “dedifferentiation, epidermal stem cell, epidermal cell, induction” in English and Chinese. A total of 2 754 literatures were collected, and finally 46 papers were included in result analysis.


The dedifferentiated epidermal stem cells have some characteristics of native epidermal stem cells and perhaps they may act as a new vehicle for wound repair and regeneration. Both of the native epithelial stem cells and the dedifferentiated epithelial stem cells can promote the wound repair and their effects were on the same level. Because differentiation from epidermal cells into epidermal stem cells has many questions, so far, there are many animal researches, but its extensive clinical application deserves further development.

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