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Understanding the body temperature changes during exercise offers new tools to predict human energy metabolism.


To explore a new idea on the testing methods of energy metabolism by immediately detecting the human skin temperature and core temperature during the aerobic exercise, in order to suit the requirements of immediately physical detection in modern competitive sports.


A total of 34 (17males and 17 females) untrained students aged 18-23 years were analyzed. Changes of the skin temperature, core temperature and tympanic membrane were immediately detected under aerobic exercise conditions, respectively.


Results showed that the human body core temperature and tympanic membrane temperature did not change significantly during exercise. While the surface skin temperature of working muscles represented a changing trend as follows: temperature dropped in the first two minutes, temperature change was smooth in the 2nd to 4th minutes, temperature raised in the 4th to 6th minutes, the peak temperature appeared at the 6th minute, temperature dropped again in the 6th to 8th minutes, temperature change was smooth in the 8th to 10th minutes and temperature raised again at the 10th minute until to the end. Peak surface skin temperatures of almost all the working muscles appeared at the 6th minute during exercise. It indicates that there is an obvious regular change in the surface temperatures of working muscles during exercise.


Yi X. Temperature changes of surface skin and tympanic membrane in human working muscles during exercise. Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu yu Linchuang Kangfu. 2011;15(50): 9402-9405. [http://]

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