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Collagen is a kind of natural material, which has a low immune, good cell compatibility and tissue compatibility. It can promote the generation of vascular and plays an extremely important role in cell differentiation, tissue repair and the normal nutrition to organs.


To evaluate the repair function of collagen spray on mechanical damaged nasal mucosa in rabbits.


Nasal mucosa mechanical damage model was prepared. Collagen sprays were given to the treatment group in the left nose, and the left nose of model group was treated with the same amount of saline. The repair situation and pathomorphology of the wounded tissue were observed.


Collagen spray had no excitant. The goblet cell count and submucosal glands in the treatment group were slightly decreased than the model group. The rate of submucosal edema in the treatment group was significantly different from that in the model group (P < 0.01). Under light microscope, there was a decrease of fresh repaired epithelial goblet cells, the submucosal glands were small and well-regulated, and its secretion was unobstructed; there were no obvious edema, and the glands were dense; none of the above could be seen in the control group. The collagen spray had a clear repair function on mucosal injury, the infiltrating phenomenon of inflammatory cells was reduced in the mucosal lamina propria, the performance of diffuse submucosal edema was not obvious, and the glandular secretion was in good condition.

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