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188Re labeled radiopharmaceuticals in body occur Re nuclear cable off which will not cause serious radiation damage of the body. 188Re-iodized oil may become a kind of clinical application of drugs within the radiation treatment of cancer.


To study preparation of drug-loaded nano-carboxymethyl chitosan microspheres and in vivo distribution and metabolism in the S180 tumor-bearing mice.


188Re-lipiodol was wrapped by carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticles, the wrapped 188Re-lipiodol was injected into the mice bearing S180 sarcoma. Imaging of 188Re-iodized oil-carboxymethyl chitosan-nanoparticles in the tumor-bearing mice was observed by single photon emission computed tomography.


Labeling rate of 188Re-lipiodol which labeled by carboxymethyl chitosan-nanoparticles was (94.9±0.2)%. 188Re-iodized oil-carboxymethyl chitosan was distributed in liver and kidney; and the intake decreased with time in bone, muscle, small intestine and other organs. Radiation was not measured in brain, and the ratio increased with time, and imaging agent reached to peak at 6 to10 hours after injecting. It is indicated that wrapped effect of 188Re by carboxymethyl chitosan-nanoparticles package is well. 188Re-iodized oil-carboxymethyl chitosan-Nanoparticles in normal bone, muscle and small intestine is almost not uptaked, but 188Re-iodized oil-carboxymethyl chitosan-Nanoparticles can uptake in sarcoma tissue within 48 hours and the radioactivity ratio of the tumor and spleen, stomach, intestine, femur, muscle and adipose tissue is high.

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