SymbolEstablishment of a porcine beating heart modelin vitro

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Keeping beating of the donor heart can reduce its ischemia time and prolong its preservation time in vitro.


To establish a simple and stable model of porcine beating heart in vitro.


Twelve healthy pigs were randomly divided into beating group and cold crystalloid perfusion group. In the beating group, coronary perfusion was established through the ascending aorta, venous drainage was established through right atrium into the right ventricle, the hose was placed into the left ventricle through the left atrial appendage for drainage, and then the model of porcine beating heart in vitro was established. Heart protection in vitro was performed in the cold crystalloid perfusion group after normal heart transplantation.


Surgery in vitro of porcine heart was successfully performed on six pigs of the beating group. The success rate of beating heart was 100% after 2 and 4 hours of surgery, and was 83% at 6 hours. The malondialdehyde levels were decreased, superoxide dismutase activities were increased (P < 0.05), and the myocardial ultrastructure was well kept in the beating group compared with the cold crystalloid perfusion group. The porcine beating heart model has a high success rate in modeling, and it is an ideal animal model for studying beating heart in vitro.


Zheng M, Song JF, Yang F, Zhang WB. Establishment of a porcine beating heart model in vitro. Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu yu Linchuang Kangfu. 2011;15(53): 9996-9998. [http://www.crter.cn]

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