SymbolConventional and new surgical approaches to liver transplantation

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Liver transplantation is an important method in the treatment of the end-stage liver diseases and hepatic carcinoma, but nowadays the donors are more and more decreased, which are the choke point of the liver transplantation. The development of the surgery approaches of the liver transplantation can support to utilize the grafts and broaden the donors effectively.


To provide references for the clinicians to carry out liver transplantation and study the approaches through reviewing the developments and characteristics of conventional and new surgical approaches in liver transplantation.


Pubmed database, CNKI database and some liver transplantation registries were retrieved for the relate literatures of surgery approaches published between January 1900 and January 2011. Then, 35 literatures of clinical studies, reviews and reports were analyzed.


Totally 1 251 articles were obtained in initial retrieval, of which 35 articles were chosen to be analyzed based on the inclusion criteria. Standard orthotopic liver transplantation and Piggyback liver transplantation were conventional, and new approaches were emerging. Split liver transplantation could be realized for providing a graft to two recipients. Living donor liver transplantation could be used flexibly and developed rapidly. Liver autotransplantation was very difficult in the techniques, so it was rarely used. Domino liver transplantation could be used to treat FAP effectively, but it was also rarely used due to difficulties in the technology. Hepatocytes transplantation and liver xenotransplantation were not sufficiently studied. Conventional surgical technologies have been well mastered because of the advantages in utilizing the grafts and extending the source of grafts. New approaches have broad application prospects, but need the breakthroughs in surgical techniques and basic research.


Guo KL, Sun XB, Li Y, Chi H. Conventional and new surgical approaches to liver transplantation.Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu yu Linchuang Kangfu. 2011;15(53): 10047-10051. [http://www.crter.cn]

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