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Because of lacking of islet sources, the islet cells transplantation for the treatment of diabetes can not meet the clinical demand, so the differentiation of pancreas stem cells into islets in vitro has become a focus of the research.


To in vitro induce the mice pancreas stem cells into the islet-like cell clusters and to perform the relate measurement; to investigate the techniques and methods to differentiate the pancreas stem cells into the islets as well as the detection method.


The mice pancreas stem cells were obtained in vitro, and then the joint inducer was used to induce the pancreas stem cells to differentiate into islets. The islet-like cell clusters were preformed with morphological observation, dithizone dyeing, RT-PCR and Western blot detection.


Through the observation of cell morphology and cell growth characteristics and immunocytochemistry staining, we obtained mice pancreas stem cells in vitro. The joint inducer was used to induce the mice pancreas stem cells to differentiate into islet-like cells, the cells were spherical with a more slender pedicle connected with the bottom, and the cells was stained iron red by dithizone dyeing. The results of RT-PCR and Western blot determined the expression of insulin mRNA and insulin protein of islet-like cells respectively. It confirms that the mice pancreas stem cells can be induced in vitro to differentiate into beta containing islet-like cell clusters.


Cen YH, Xie XX, Chen WP, He GZ, Huang B, Guo WW, Xiao YZ. In vitro induced differentiation of pancreatic stem cells into islet-like cell clusters.Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu. 2012;16(10): 1799-1802. [http://www.crter.cn]

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