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To obtain high survival rate and good activity of the normal single myocardial cells is the basis of myocardial electrophysiology. It is important to find an experimental method which is close to the normal myocardial cells in morphology, function and structure.


To discuss the influence factors during emergent isolation of myocardial cells by using enzymatic method in rats and to build an emergent isolation method for stable obtaining myocardial cells to provide cells for myocardial electrophysiology and molecular biology.


The heart of Sprague-Dawley adult rats was rapidly excised after cervical dislocated and mounted on a Langendorff apparatus for aortic counter-current perfusion. It was perfused retrograde via the aorta for 5 minutes with calcium-free tyrode, and then perfused with collagenase dissolved in nominally calcium-free tyrode for 20 minutes. Ultimately calcium solution was perfused for 3 minutes. Then the rat ventricular cells were stored in HK solution.


Viability of freshly isolated myocardial cells which were rod-shaped with clear-striation was 60%-80%. It is shown that to adjust and control all the factors in the emergent isolation can ensure the quantity and quality of myocardial cells.


Wei LL, Mo SR. Emergent isolation of myocardial cells from adult rats. Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu. 2012;16(11): 1969-1972. [http://www.crter.cn]

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