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It has a relatively close relationship between micro-arc oxidation of titanium surface characteristics and electrochemical parameters in recent years. Up to now, there are no uniform standard parameters.


To study the effects of different duty ratios on the surface characteristics of micro-arc oxidized titanium which containing calcium and phosphorus.


Ceramic coating was formed on the titanium surface by using micro-arc oxidation in different duty ratios (5%, 25%, 45%, 65%). The surface of the samples was observed and analyzed by scanning electron microscope, energy dispersive spectrum and X-ray diffraction.


After treating by micro-arc oxidation, the porous ceramic coating was formed on the titanium surface. The higher the pulse was, the rougher and more porous the oxidation film was,the larger the pore diameter was and the fewer in the number. The oxidation film was composed of Ti, P, O, Ca elements. The ratio of Ca and P in the coating increased according to the pulse ratio extending until it reached 45%. The coatings contained rutile TiO2 and anatase TiO2. With the increasing of duty ratios, the larger the pore diameter is and the more the relative content of the calcium and phosphorus in the titanium surface, and part of the rutile TiO2 has changed into anatase TiO2.


Jiang Y, Gao Y, Zhou L, Guo ZH, Li SB, Liu XN, Ding JW, Liu WZ. Effects of different duty ratios on micro-arc oxidized titanium. Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu. 2012;16(12): 2203-2206. [http://www.crter.cn]

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