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Use of a safe, efficient, reliable, durable contraceptive material with no adverse reaction is of significance on reproductive health.


To summarize the advance and application effect of intrauterine contraceptive device, analyze advantage and adverse reactions of subcutaneous contraceptive implants, as well as properties of oviduct contraceptive materials.


Using “intrauterine contraceptive device, subcutaneous contraceptive implants, oviduct contraception, contraceptive materials” in Chinese as key words, a computer-based online retrieval was performed on Chongqing VIP database between January 1992 and January 2011. According to inclusion and exclusion criteria, 26 literatures were ultimately involved in the result analysis.


The structure, performance and materials of intrauterine contraceptive device have been greatly improved since its emergence, and it is the most used method of contraception in China. Contraceptive implants are characteristics of constant release and sustained release, high biological activity, and convenient use. Oviduct contraceptive plug has the advantages of accurate positioning, tiny, noninvasive, safe, reliable, and reproductive. But each method is not widely accepted due to the presence of more or less adverse reactions and complications. This review analyzed the advance, application effect, adverse reaction and material properties of the above three methods for contraception.


Shao YL. Characteristics and contraception efficacy of intrauterine contraceptive device, subcutaneous contraceptive implants and oviduct contraceptive materials. Zhongguo Zuzhi Gongcheng Yanjiu. 2012;16(12): 2249-2252. [http://www.crter.cn]

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